The BL8 – of coursE!

05 July, 2023

Scream it from the rooftop and spread the word – the BL8 has landed at a store near you!
Of coursE, we put the BL8 through its paces with renowned artists and engineers on stages worldwide, making it the perfect kickin’ companion for your next tour 🤘🔥 “The BL8 is the warmest, most natural-sounding boundary mic today. Our kick drums sounded so much better after we swapped over to the BL8 – it was almost comical. Thanks to sE for their continued excellence in bringing amazing, quality products to the marketplace.” (Andy Meyer, Shinedown)

Featuring Our Renowned sE8 small-diaphragm condenser Capsule
The BL8 is a half-cardioid boundary microphone, utilizing the same capsule as the celebrated sE8 small-diaphragm condenser, hence the name BL8. Its hand-crafted, true condenser capsule utilizes an ultra-thin three-micron gold-sputtered diaphragm for superior transient response.

Incredible Dynamic Range For a variety of high SPL sources
Designed to reproduce low frequencies with stunning accuracy, the BL8 is perfect in combination with our V KICK, but can also be used alone without an additional outer kick drum mic. It is also compatible with The Kelly Shu Flatz™ Isolation System, making it ideal for touring applications.

Integrated Low-cut Filter & Pre-attenuation Pad Enable a variety of applications
Thanks to its switchable attenuation pad, the BL8 keeps high-SPL sources like kick drums from overloading your mixer’s input providing pristine sound that is true to the source. With all-metal construction, a dent-proof grille, and gold-plated XLR contacts, the BL8 ensures long-term reliability on tour or in the studio.

The BL8: Bullet-proof, built like a tank and ready for the road, your secret weapon for a variety of applications such as kick drums and other high SPL sources.

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