TONEX ODS Legends Signature Collection

17 November, 2023

Four priceless amps.
One mind-blowing collection.

The ODS Legends Signature Collection for TONEX gives you instant access to 4 priceless Overdrive Special amplifiers. Found behind many of the world’s best players including Robben Ford, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Larry Carlton, David Lindley, John Mayer and more, the Overdrive Special is sadly no longer made today, easily fetching 6 figures when a rare example goes to auction. As a bonus, we’ve also included 2 legendary overdrive pedals known to pair perfectly with these amps to further push your tone in exciting directions.

IK had the exclusive opportunity to capture each of these incredible amps while they passed through a world-famous studio in Nashville, Tennessee, renowned for its superior recording facilities and long history of hosting legendary musicians. All amp and pedal settings were dialed in by tone experts to a variety of sweet spots from clean to overdrive and meticulously captured in between recording sessions.
This Signature Collection of 20 Tone Models recreates the very essence of these vintage treasures and makes them finally accessible to all discerning tone aficionados. Utilizing IK's cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling Technology in conjunction with the Ocean Way's sonically perfect environment has produced incredible results that you can own today.


Collection Overview

  • A collection for use across the entire TONEX ecosystem: Mac/PC, iOS, TONEX Pedal
  • 20 Tone Models based on 4 Dumble® Overdrive Special amplifiers, a Klon® and an early '80s Tube Screamer®
  • Created using cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling™ technology with advanced training
  • Painstakingly dialed in and captured at the renowned Ocean Way Studios in Nashville
  • Compatible with all TONEX versions including the free TONEX CS and TONEX App
  • Easily load and perform live with any Signature Tone Model using TONEX Pedal