HeadRush release Core pedalboard system

19 September, 2023

— Compact version of flagship processor —
HeadRush have announced the launch of their latest touchscreen-based multi-effects pedalboard system, the HeadRush Core. The new unit packs the same processing power as the flagship HeadRush Prime — including its comprehensive amp cloning and vocal processing abilities — into a more compact chassis.

The HeadRush Core comes loaded with an extensive library of amplifier, cabinet and microphone emulations, as well as a collection of effects. It can load a virtually unlimited number of impulse responses, and is also capable of capturing ‘clones’ of other amps and effects, which can then be used alongside the built-in models. There is also a microphone input which allows singers to take advantage of a range of onboard vocal processors, including Antares’ Auto-Tune, along with a powerful looper that can record loops up to five minutes long with 20 minutes of overdub time.

A seven-inch touchscreen display offers control over all of the system’s key features, as well as providing detailed visual feedback during a performance, and is complemented by a physical rotary push encoder. There are five footswitches accompanied by customisable colour LEDs, and although the smaller footprint means the Core omits the pedal found on its larger sibling, it’s possible to connect an external expression pedal for some additional hands-free control.
The guitar and microphone inputs are joined by instrument and line-level outputs, along with a stereo effects loop which can be used to place other processors at any point in the internal signal chain, as well as offering some routing versatility by connecting to an amplifier using the four-cable method. MIDI I/O is provided on five-pin DIN connectors, and can be used for control purposes as well as sync’ing the looper with external gear.

The Core also boasts WiFi connectivity, which allows songs to be loaded via Dropbox and looped, slowed or pitched up and down, whilst tracks can also be streamed from mobile devices via Bluetooth. The system can also function as a 24-bit/96kHz audio interface for recording or re-amping purposes.