Apogee announces Duet 3 Limited Edition

17 October, 2023

— For Producers & Musicians On The Go —


Apogee has been committed to producing the best-sounding audio interfaces for the last 30 years. By focusing on the AD/DA conversion we have found a way to capture the humanity within digital audio. With Duet 3 your recordings emerge cleaner and more pristine than ever before. By capturing the source with unparalleled quality, your recordings will be ready to be shared with the world.
Let's Be Transparent
With +65dB of gain and Apogee’s legendary conversion quality, you won’t find a better pair of mic preamps in this class of audio interfaces.

Inspired Workflow
The Duet 3 is a powerhouse when it comes to a portable pro audio interface. However, when paired with the Duet Dock, the overall experience is elevated. The angled positioning and rear panel connectors of the Duet Dock help tidy up your desk.

Collaborate in Harmony
Connecting the Duet and Duet Dock announces an extra headphone jack, enabling seamless collaboration and focused creativity.

3 of Apogee's Best Selling Plugins
Elevate your productions and mixes with added dimension thanks to the 3 included plugins:

1. Pultec EQP-1A ($199)
2. Pultec MEQ-5. ($199)
3. Clearmountain’s Spaces ($49)

On-board processing
Add warmth, depth, and character to your recordings with Duet 3’s on-board processing. Shape your sound with compression, EQ, and saturation, or select one of the presets inspired by Bob Clearmountain to get started.