TriCaster TC1SP

NewTek TriCaster TC1SP

Product Highlights
  • 1.5-Stripe Control Panel
  • 11 x M/E Source Buttons
  • 3-Axis Multi-Mode Joystick
  • 1 x Multi-Mode T-Bar

  • Overview
  • Tech Specs

Uncompromising professional control for modern productions.

Plug in the NewTek Small Control Panel for TriCaster TC1 and switch your entire production. The surface itself has 14 switcher source buttons and 11 M/E source buttons arranged in 1.5 stripes. More advanced control can be had by using the T-bar and 3-axis joystick. This control panel connects via USB, so no separate power supply is required.

Product Highlights
  • Stripes
    1.5 x panel stripes
  • Source Buttons
    14 x switcher source buttons
    11 x M/E source buttons
  • Joystick
    1 x multi-mode joystick (3-axis)
  • T-Bar
    1 x multi-mode T-Bar
  • Connectivity
  • Physical
    TriCaster TC1SP chassis
    23.31 x 12.01 x 5.28 in (59.2 x 30.51 x 13.41 cm)