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Universal Audio LUNA Webinar Series

November, 22 & 25
04PM (UAE time)

We are excited to bring you yet again one of the most exciting things to happen in music industry in the recent times – Universal Audio’s LUNA Recording System, a full-featured music creation, recording, and analog-style production system shaped by over 60 years of analog audio exploration. LUNA transforms UA's industry-standard Apollo interfaces into the most inspiring and fully integrated recording systems available.

We appreciate that there is much to learn and understand, and so we are offering this as a series of webinar sessions, lasting an hour each with 2 episodes, starting the 22nd of Nov.
Big Joe, the 1st Certified LUNA commander in UAE will walk you through this amazing system, its capabilities and importantly, what you can achieve with it.

Session 1 (Nov 22 - Mon)
  • What is LUNA
  • Luna System Requirements
  • Installing and Authorizing LUNA
  • Understanding Unison and ARM
  • Starting a Session in LUNA
  • LUNA User Interface
  • Demonstrate Unison and ARM in LUNA

Session 2 (Nov 24 - Wed)
  • Creating/Editing an Audio Track
  • Creating/Editing a MIDI Track
  • Multing Sends and Output
  • Tape and Summing in LUNA
  • LUNA Instruments and LUNA Extension
  • Basic Mixing and Export Mix down

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