100W Daylight Balanced LED Light
Product Highlights
  • For Video Production and Vlogging
  • 14,546 Lux at 3.3' with Reflector
  • 5600K CCT, CRI 97
  • AC Power, Optional V-Mount Battery
  • Proprietary Wireless, App Control
  • 7 Special Lighting Effects
  • Bowens Accessory Mount
  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Overview
  • Tech Specs

The COLBOR CL100-M is a 100 watt daylight balanced LED light designed with professionals in mind, especially those active in outdoor shooting. With portable power option, robust but lightweight construction, a wide variety of light effects, intelligent cooling system, and professional App lighting control, the CL100-M is ready to compete with other daylight LED light fixtures in the marketplace.

Daylight Balanced LED Light at 100W
Holding a standard color temperature of 5600K, the COLBOR CL100-M provides consistently smooth and even white light for filmmakers and professionals alike. See the bi-color CL100 for more flexibility. The high color accuracy measurement of CRI (=color rendering index, ≥ 97) is the key for the light to accurately restore the original color of the target.

Creative Power Solution
The 5600K LED light CL100-M utilizes the exclusive JIMO1.0 Battery Boosting Technology to allow the portable V-Lock battery and miniature battery plate COLBOR VBS to work together to supply steady power even in outdoor shooting. It sets photographers free from heavy power adapters and removes the limitation by DC power.

Robust Lightweight Construction
All units are well structured inside the CL100-M to build a compact construction. Made of ABS material which is robust and light, the total weight reaches only 1.1kg/39oz, 20% less than similar products in this marketplace.

Daylight Balanced LED Video Light without Strobe
Every aspect of the COLBOR CL100-M was designed to meet the needs of professionals. High quality LED beads are packed to provide lifelike and daylight balanced LED continuous lighting without any strobes, thus making the COB light a top choice for 240FPS high-speed shooting, slow-motion filming, and time-lapse capturing.

Intelligent Cooling System
The intelligent temperature control system with several sensors allows the CL100-M daylight balanced LED studio light to monitor the working temperature continuously and to adjust the air moving and temperature decreasing accordingly. The unique fin and groove structure are combined to function for quick heat dissipation that competes with industry giants.

No Unexpected Noise Interference
The powerful heat-conducting fan is ultra-quiet. The mechanical noise is tested in the lab to reach about 25dB in Smart mode, a sound at whispering volume. When the additional Quiet mode for ASMR-like scenes where quietness is necessary turns on, the noise figure would fall to approximately 10dB at human breathing volume. In a word, no excessive noise would come out to disturb the film set.

Built-in Lighting Effects
The COLBOR CL100-M daylight balanced LED light can utilize 7 built-in lighting modes, namely “Strobe”, “Faulty Bulb”, “Welding”, “Lightning”, “Pulsing”, “Explosion”, and “SOS” to develop 30+ kinds of vivid lighting effects. With such real-scene preset lighting, a wide variety of filming settings can be made to achieve a particular production.

App Wireless Control
The CL100-M has the potential to join the COLBOR video lighting ecosystem, which provides users with mobile App control for almost all COLBOR lights. Such an integration allows wireless light control, group control, scene customization, firmware updating, etc. Functions of Communication and Repeater function are designed to enhance signal transfer and group response.

Color Rendering Index ≥ 97
Color Temperature Range 5600K
Beam Angle ≈∠ 120° (With Standard Reflector 55°)
Illumination 4130Lux (at 3.28ft / 1m 5600K, None Reflector);
14546Lux (at 3.28ft / 1m 5600K, With Standard Reflector)
Power 100W (Constant Power)
Light Working Voltage DC 15-24V 6.32A
Cooling Mode Active
Connector GX16 3-Pin Connector
Body Material ABS
Operating Temperature -10°C~50°C

Light Dimension (mm)
  • 202x116x117 (Light Base Not Included)

Light Weight
  • 1.1kg/39oz