25.6" Quick-Setup Parabolic Softbox
Product Highlights
  • Softens Output
  • Offers Grid for Directional Control
  • Decreases Contrast
  • Compatible with COLBOR CL60, CL60M, CL60R, CL100X, and CL100XM

  • Overview
  • Tech Specs

The COLBOR BP65 Quick-Setup Parabolic Softbox is a 16-sided light-shaper that measures 25.6" (65cm). It comes with grid and Bowens mount, softening the output of bright LEDs including COLBOR CL60, CL60M, CL60R, CL100X, and CL100XM. The fabric grid can be used to decrease spill light and have directional control. The BP65 also offers a carrying bag for storage and transport.

Unfold Dimension φ65*43cm
Packaging Dimension 68*25*13cm
Weight 1.5kg
Material Aluminum Alloy Soft Cloth

  • Parabolic Design with 16-sided Light-shaper
  • Yields soft and Focused Light with a Crisp Edge
  • Long Service Life
  • Wind, Crush, and Fall Resistant with Durable Fabric Construction