Live Production with
NewTek TriCaster

Multi-camera live productions are essential components in today’s broadcast and live environments.
With the increase in video content creation, the requirement for professionally trained operation has become necessary.
TriCaster series of products by NewTek has made video production easier and affordable for broadcasters, live-production companies,and video professionals alike.
The all-in-one, integrated live production system is easy to learn with our “Live Production with NewTek TriCaster”.

NewTek TriCaster
NewTek TriCaster
NewTek TriCaster
NewTek TriCaster


Powerful models & features
Learn about the different models of TriCaster to meet varying demands with the following

  • TriCaster 8000
  • TriCaster 460
  • TriCaster 410
  • TriCaster Mini


This training is designed to equip the learner in gaining a complete understanding of all operational features of NewTek TriCaster. You will learn about setting up the TriCaster system right out of the box, access and use the features of TriCaster that are relevant to your needs.

This intensely practical and pioneering course aims to prepare participants for a successful future in multi-camera productions. Learn the powers of TriCaster Virtual sets, video switching features, social media integration, scalability and much more.

Whether you are into mobile production, an independent video and Web TV expert, advanced worship producer, and corporate video department or Live Production, with NewTek TriCaster will offer the knowhow and competence to manage a live video production with ease.


The duration of this training is 3 days at MediaCast Training & Demonstration facility in Dubai, or a suitably equipped facility that has to be approved by the MediaCast TSS team as for training.

Our Trainers

MediaCast’s trainers are qualified NewTek Certified TriCaster Operators with years of experience in broadcast, live production and systems operation.

Training Content & Structure

Day 1
  • Introduction to Video Production
  • Physical I/O ports
  • Interface
  • Multi-viewer
  • Basic Switching
  • iVGA and Airplay Support
  • DDRs
  • Working with Stills and Titles
  • Virtual sets
  • Recording / Streaming / Grab Functions
  • Subjective versus Objective Measurements
  • Social Media Integration

Day 2
  • Tricaster Audio
  • LiveText / Virtual Set Editor / Animation Store Creator
  • Some Useful Tricks that you cannot find in the manual.

Day 3
  • Video Layers in TriCaster
  • Macros and Hotspots
  • Mock Production


Participants who complete the course will be awarded a “MediaCast MasterClass Certified” certificate.

Formats & Requirements

Training will be professional yet friendly, with demos, whiteboard trainings, Keynote presentations and descriptive teaching sessions. All training segments will be demonstrated individually with hands-on sessions.