Live Production with
Blackmagic ATEM

Blackmagic ATEM has made video production easier and affordable for broadcasters, live-production companies, and video professionals alike.
The all-in-one, integrated live production system is easy to learn with our “Live Production with Blackmagic ATEM”.

Blackmagic ATEM


  • To have a clear knowledge of the operational functions of ATEM Switchers.
  • To be able to setup an ATEM Switcher from out of the box.
  • To adhere specifically to the system requirements of your organization.
  • To know some user tricks that is unique to your ATEM.
  • To serve as a review / refresher / crash course for Basic Audio and Video for Broadcast Systems. (For 3-day training)
  • To be ready with troubleshooting techniques when problem arises.


After this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Operate ATEM Switcher / Panel using the best practice methods.
  • Learn about different terminologies used universally for broadcast and production.
  • Familiarize himself with different workflows that can help him truly understand his job.
  • Troubleshoot basic system issues when they occur.
  • Perform Updates procedures.


The duration of this is flexible, from 1 to 3 days at MediaCast Training & Demonstration facility in Dubai, or a suitably equipped facility that has to be approved by the MediaCast TSS team as for training.


Participants who complete the course will be awarded a “MediaCast MasterClass Certified” certificate.

Course Outline

  • Physical I/O ports
  • Software Interface / IP Configuration
  • ATEM Utility
  • Basic Switching
  • Transition Effects
  • DSK
  • Auxiliaries
  • USK (Luma, Chroma, Pattern, DVE)
  • SuperSource
  • Some Useful Tricks that mostly you cannot find in the manual
  • Multi-layer Production
  • Still and Sequence Graphics Import
  • Adobe Photoshop Graphics Import
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Mock Production Session

Target Audience

Experienced Engineers / Operators
New Operators BUT with Video Background

Formats & Requirements

Each participant will have to sit with the trainer (that will act as a director). They will follow the instructions of the “director”. If they committed 5 or more mistakes out of the 10 commands, he/she will have another chance after everyone does his / her turn.