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Mohammad Siam

Territory Sales Manager | Video
Mohammad Siam takes care of Sales in the following territories: Bahrain, KSA, Egypt and Jordan. Similar with the rest of our team, he takes pride in understanding customer requirements and providing the exact solution needed. Despite being a health nut, he will not refuse a good offer for a bit of Mansaf every now and then.

Riad Obaid

Territory Sales Manager | Video
Riad Obaid is our Sales go-to guy in the UAE for all things Blackmagic Design. He is in touch with growing our Sales channel here and is ready to offer assistance to clients and partners whenever needed. Ask him about good places for late night Shisha and he will oblige and share to you his personal favorites.

Balachandra Menon

Sales Director
Bala is MediaCast’s Sales Director and is responsible for overseeing MediaCast’s overall sales in the region. With a ready smile and a firm handshake, he will engage with you and make sure that you are updated with the ongoing trends within the industry.


Khadija Khalid

Sales & Marketing Manager | Audio
Dija is our Sales and Marketing Manager for Audio. Fearless, persistent and determined, she is always ready to summarize the whole product line of all our audio brands and can quickly offer options to suit an artist’s needs. A true weekend warrior, Dija enjoys the outdoors in the company of family and friends.

Ramuel Derige

Marketing Manager | Video
Ram is our go-to guy for all things video marketing and training. Versatile and always ready to take one for the team, he once played as a weatherman in one of MediaCast-hosted events. Ram is a globetrotter in the true sense of the word. He enjoys visiting new places and occasionally documents and shares them to those who care to listen.


Peyman Dadpanah

Business Director
Peyman is MediaCast’s Business Director. He ensures that everyone in MediaCast is always headed in the right direction by providing top-notch service and awesome solutions. A total cinephile in every sense of the word, he finds great bliss in watching movies by the greats. Whisper the word “Rosebud” and watch his eyes light up.


Betul Tahincioglu

Business Development Manager
Based in MediaCast’s office in Istanbul, Betul is largely responsible for growing our young and youthful office that manages the Turkish region. Ask her about the beauty of Turkey and the best places to eat and you’ll want to be on the next flight to Istanbul for sure!

Caroline Niedzwiecki

VP Global Sales - BirdDog
Caroline is BirdDog’s leading lady, she is an absolute broadcast fan and loves collaborating with the greatest minds in our industry. Brazilian native and world citizen at heart she will nurture your business as her own.


Nathan Eames

Universal Audio
Nathan is based in the UK and looks after the EMEA market for Universal Audio. Frequently travelling to meet with partners, studios and customers, he is delighted to be at CabSat with MediaCast this year, to assist with discussing your audio recording / mixing needs.

Paul Mothersill

Sales Account Manager | Matrox
Paul manages the Video Product Group Sales of Matrox for the whole EMEA region and is on hand to engage with you about your video streaming and recording requirements. He enjoys putting on his running shoes for charity and is into anything with wheels - bicycles, f1 and classic cars included.

William Kent

Solution Specialist | FocusRite Pro
Will (on the left) is from the UK and works across the entire EMEA region as the Solutions Specialist for Focusrite Pro and is an expert in all things Dante/Audio-Over-IP and Pro Audio. He is excited to be attending Cabsat to discuss all of your audio and networked audio requirements.

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Tips to Cabsat


Avoid paid parking

Sure, there are lots of paid parking in Dubai World Trade Centre. But if you get up and arrive at the venue early, you can snag yourself one of the premium (Read: FREE) parking slots at the DWTC Car Park (https://goo.gl/maps/Nj5BNeWjaP42). Just make sure you head there early as it gets filled up pretty quickly. Think about it - one whole day’s parking fee is worth a week’s worth of coffee. Manage your priorities well and get your caffeine fix.

Other ways to avoid paid parking is to take public transportation. Taxis, Uber and Careem are plentiful. And of course, you can always take the Red Line of Dubai Metro and get off at the "World Trade Centre Station”.

After reaching the World Trade Centre safely, the first thing you should do is head to Hall 2, Stand B2-10 and meet with us. We promise we’ll be there for your first thing in the morning.

Time to Visit

Time to Visit

The Show is open to visitors anytime between 10:00 and 18:00. I have observed that if you wish to avoid the crowds, it is best to arrive first thing in the morning at 10:00, before the crowd starts surging in from around 11:30 onwards. Crowds once again taper off in the afternoon, but I still think visiting in the morning is the best option.

Having said that, our team at our stand in Hall 2, Stand B2-10 is available to engage with you any time of the day. You can even book an exclusive session with us by registering below.



As there are a lot of things to see and potentially a large number of people to meet, we recommend heading to the show on a full stomach. However, there is nothing to worry about as the venue is surrounded by restaurants and cafes. The variety is good. Salads Station offers some healthy options, Azzurro Pizzeria serves up some delicious pizzzas, Burger Fuel definitely produces quality burgers, and the roving cafeterias, as we call it, makes coffee, tea and sandwiches accessible from inside the exhibition area.

However, if you are looking for something to break the monotony of gourmet, don’t mind eating something less fancy, and is ok with a brief walk, you may find the Zoom convenience store at the ground level of the nearby Dubai World Trade Metro Station appealing every now and then. Try their well-priced tasty hotdogs and use the spare change to get donuts for dessert.

Our A to Z Team @ Cabsat


Lawrence Mallari

Technical Sales Specialist Manager

Lawrence Mallari is MediaCast’s pre-eminent expert on all things video. Ask him anything - be it about the requirements to build a complete studio running completely via NDI, or even how the sensor of a particular camera is constructed - and watch his eyes light up as he eagerly imparts insightful feedback to you.

He also enjoys taking his friends and colleagues on tours around his favorite foodie haunts.


Gustave Miranda

Senior Technical Product Specialist | Audio

Gustave Miranda lives and breathes Audio. His expertise is a product of both passion and experience. Listen to him talk about DANTE, ask him the importance and applications of noise suppression, and engage him about the nitty gritty of sound recording, and we are completely certain you’ll have a very productive time.

In his spare time, he enjoys long walks and pinacolada - not necessarily in that order. He also thinks Victor Bailey is the most underated artist of all time.


Albert Lumague

Senior Technical Support Specialist

Albert knows the ins and outs of Video Production. He can design solutions just as quickly as you draw the requirements up. He is always available, and is ready to impart his know-how and experience whenever and wherever it is needed. A true geek, he finds joy in bringing dead gadgets back to life with his mad engineering skills.


Abigail Taguilid

DaVinci Resolve Specialist

Abigail Taguilid is our resident Da Vinci Resolve Specialist. A certified Da Vinci Resolve 15 Trainer, she is very adept and comfortable in providing full demonstrations and trainings of Da Vinci Resolve and is also very capable in providing answers to your technical queries. For her, one of the greatest superhero movies ever is Wonder Woman, which coincidentally, is color graded in Da Vinci Resolve.

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